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Let your readers access your content in exactly
the way they want to.


Whether you are a big national newspaper website, a magazine publisher, a special-interest
journal, a B2B professional niche-medium or an independent blogger: mypaper fits.

mypaper is an addon to your paywall and gives your readers further options of accessing content.

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As a JavaScript-plugin, mypaper is quick and safe to install. No subscription or licensing fee.

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mypaper brings additional revenue, new users and user data and improves your website KPIs.

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Great Journalism has great value.

Paying for digital quality content is necessary. But why not make
it more convenient and easy?


Register an account with mypaper and go to your favorite newspapers', magazines' and journals' websites.
Never worry about a paywall there again and just access single articles of paid content with a click.
No need for a subscription, no strings attached, always easy.

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