Frequently Asked Questions

mypaper is easy to grasp but in case we haven't been clear on something, check our FAQs here.

Publishers' Questions Answered

What is the average price of an article to sell?

That depends on your strategy, the kind of content in your premium section wherein you are selling access to single articles and is completely at your discretion. You can set different price classes for different types of products (e.g. single articles, time access passes, contingents, renewing subscriptions etc.) in your publisher dashboard.

When selling content through mypaper, when are we as the content provider getting the revenue?

The default billing cycle for mypaper users who have bought content by using the mypaper widget on a medium's website is always one month. Meaning that revenues created in e.g. January will be invoiced for and collected at the end of this month, reach mypaper during February and then the respective content provider right after that also during February.

Can we use the mypaper widget to only make users log in and not pay?

Yes, mypaper can also serve as a kind of a 'login wall' for media which do not want to sell their content right away or are not in the position to ask for that but would like to have all their readers be logged in when reading their content. For that case, the price can simply be set to zero in the Publisher Dashboard.

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