Content is king. But what if accessing it is a pain?

We help publishers regardless the size to optimize their point-of-sale, convert more users and gather data.

For Publishers

Current, in-house made paywalls are too inflexible, look to complicated for the reader and scare them off with a too long sign up and registration process and too many subscription options.

Publishers need an easy and lean way to give their website visitors access to their content: whether readers want to only read one article, spend longer time on the site or choose a subscription.

mypaper is a single-signon for the reader of various online media. The user can access content on any site partnered up with mypaper with the same account - always with only one click.

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mypaper is a JavaScript-plugin that is easy and swift to integrate on any website. It is a widget that makes it possible to access and hence 'purchase' single articles (i.e. access to a unique URL) on all websites connected to mypaper.

Technically, it is very simple: the website includes an iframe and mypaper sends a token to the website that a user has bought an article (upon clicking the single-article purchase-button). The concealment/display of the article is handled by the website itself.

Once the user has accessed (bought) an article, mypaper sends a message to the website with the PostMessage API. The event listener on your site could look like this:

window.addEventListener('message', function (e) {
  var origin = event.origin || event.originalEvent.origin;
  if (origin !== '') {
    // reveal article & remove widget

ARTICLE_URL is the article's unique URL
ARTICLE_TITLE is its title
ARTICLE_ID is the article's unique ID which mypaper uses to keep track of the unique item (which is the article) in case the URL changes (e.g. if the title of the article gets updated). If you never change the article's URL, you can use it as the ID as well.

Features and Benefits

mypaper creates additional revenue by giving your irregular, fly-by readers the possibility to access and hence purchase your premium content, without being scared off by being forced into a subscription right away.

mypaper gets you new users and hence additional user data that you would not be able to get today. As soon as a user interacts with your site (e.g. by purchasing an article) you have access to this user and can start building a relationship.

mypaper helps to improve crucial website KPIs: by making it as easy and convenient as possible for readers to access paid content, your website benefits from increased page views, interactions, a better conversion and lower bounce rate and higher average session duration.

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